Writer, New York

“I can’t recommend Tabor more highly. She has a background of high-stakes investing from Merrill Lynch and decided to go independent. She works from her own office and creates a very calm, sane atmosphere where no question is too stupid to ask.”




“You inspired me to take a stronger stance on my finances rather than relying on the men in my life to handle it for me.”



Real Estate Broker, New York

“Thanks for the news of my latest ‘bottom line’. Nice, steady growth is a lovely thing!”



CEO, New York

“Tabor is great to work with in that she catered to my personal needs and concerns. Her intelligence and consideration are always present. She is incredible to work with and is truly a rare find in her field. I feel safe and confident with her advising me about my money.”



Banker, New York

“I am very pleased to have Tabor Butler as my financial advisor. She is thoughtful and smart, and she cares about my life and my goals. Tabor is more than a pretty face — my portfolio has performed consistently above the market (and above my expectations) for the past 5 years.”




“Thank you so much for your terrific analysis of my situation, and for the time you spent assisting me in charting a course for the future. I am already worrying less and thinking more clearly.”



Lifestyle Coach

“brilliant financial goddess, clear thinker AND magical woman all rolled into one — you are the BEST!”


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