Wealth Watch

Financial Prosperity

The notion of financial literacy and wealth-building sets off alarm bells for many people. Coming out the other end of a financial downturn includes understanding that the energy of money runs the gamut of human emotions from shame and guilt to joy and peace. Working through these emotions while tackling the practical matter of a personal budget is what leads to permanent breakthroughs around wealth management and your prosperity.

A Solution

With my “Wealth Watch: Financial Prosperity” program ‘Wealth as a Way of Life’ can become an active component of your vocabulary. In addition to my services as a portfolio manager, I am a financial coach for those living under the fear/avoidance model who require help in developing a new relationship with money.

Having experienced first-hand as a divorcee the need to learn about budgeting and money management to put my daughter through private school and college (while navigating seven years of chronic fatigue syndrome) I know budgeting is not an easy-to-take-on discipline.

What I learned first-hand is that getting clarity about our financial ‘what is so’ is the first step to pulling oneself out of a hole or a bad spending habit. I also learned that with patience and a willingness to embrace our financial situation we can build a money relationship (and yes, it is a relationship) that pays down debt, saves for dreams and brings us a new sense of prosperity and ease.

The Wealth Watch: three month program is conducted in person and by phone over six sessions. (But can be phone based alone as preferred.)


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