Wealth Matrix

Relationship Process

Getting started with The Butler Group is a simple process.

To support your dreams and goals we get to know you in sit-down conversations, essentially your financial ‘download’.

In questions 1-3 of our Wealth Matrix we learn about your personal details including values and lifestyle, preferences, concerns and limitations, your actual assets, and importantly your goals, aspirations and dreams.

In section 4 we come back to you with our proposal and hear what you have to say.

Our recommended proposal begins an ongoing Relationship Process in which we share investment results and tailor future activities to meet the needs of your life as you change and grow.

Wealth Matrix

Personal Info

1. Who You Are


Current Assets & Savings

2. What You Have


Dreams & Goals

3. What You Want


Relationship Process

4. Financial Results & Proposals


~You keep us informed when things change.

~You share your comfort level with the proposals and process so we can keep abreast of your needs.


~ Preparing your plans with purpose, discussing investments regularly, watching your wealth carefully.

~An interest in your well-being; answering questions from simple to complex; availability every day.


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